Whale Shark and Bryde’s Whales


The Angthong archipelago in the South East of the Gulf of Thailand is really amazing. Its name means in  Thai language, the “Golden Basket”.
A big area of these 42 islands is since more than 25 years supposed to be protected, classified as a national marine park.
Therefore this place is really one of the most amazing and stunning area to visit if you have the chance to come around Suratthani, Koh Samui, Koh Tao or Koh Phangan.

Sneaking around there twice a week during the season from February to May give us the chance to meet Bryde’s Whales playing together or a young curious Whale Shark attracted by the big hull of our boat.
It’s because of the huge amount of plancton in the season that we have the chance to meet these giant inhabitants of the oceans.
They are from time to time sneaking around. Therefore we have the chance sometimes to be able to come close enough to spend few minutes enjoying the show they are offering us.

It is now increasingly difficult to have the chance to meet them. Because of the new rules of the invasive tourism market flooding their incessant flow of passengers crammed into their day-long ships. But we found a way to get rid of it to discover the right way to visit this amazing paradise of endless beauty.
And so we organize our tours over 2 days and this allows us to be there when no other is in the place. This is an opportunity for us to meet the wild life and enjoy impressive landscapes at sunrise and sunset.

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